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Tantalum and niobium products from ZCC Corp. were accepted by EICC

Release time:2015-03-27

It was confirmed recently from the EICC that ZCC Corp. successfully went through its examining and verifying procedure on Oct. 3, 2012. 

EICC is a abbreviated word for the Association of Global Electronic Industry with 68 of members of world well-known electronic product suppliers including Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, China Telecommunications and Lenovo. With the unified code of conduct, EICC devotes itself to improve the conditions in the supply chains of electronic products, protect the rights and interests of the employees related in the manufacturing processes and ensure the legitimate source of ore of raw material.

In 2010 EICC initiated its examining and verifying procedure to the companies who are engaging in trading or manufacturing tantalum and niobium products. Only the company who gains acceptance from EICC can sell their tantalum and niobium products to the members of EICC.

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